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Benefits of Sororities

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Sorority members are strongly encouraged to get good grades. They have required study hours. New members are especially guided in developing good study habits, and assistance is given with study hall, , computer rooms, and tutoring. National sororities have very high standards morally, academically, spiritually and socially, and members are held accountable for their actions.

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Sororities develop leadership and time management skills Members get experience in leading others and assuming responsibilities. Creative talents are used, self esteem and confidence grows. Sorority members often assist each other in career networking after graduation.

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National sororities have established philanthropic causes and all members participate in many campus and commiunity activities. Service is given and funds are raised for local and national charities, children's centers, hospitals, etc. The national and local organizations offer scholarships and offer a variety of student aid opportunities.

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Sororities offer immediate friends on a strange new campus. Friendships become life-long. Members experience lots of fun-filled activities and further develop social skills. College members interact with alumnae members, offering inter-generational associations. When any members moves to a new city, they have an iemdiate group of friends available through alumnae groups.

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Some sororities are over 150 years old There are over 350 members of national sororities with alumnae in the 50 U.S. States, Canada and Europe. Many sorority alumnae are well know women who are top leaders in their fields. Many look back on their college years and find the Sorority memories are some of their best.