Glendale Area Alumnae Panhellenic

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Sorority Recruitment happens at different times on all college campuses. Some start in August or September (referred to as Fall Recruitment) and some start in January or later (referred to as Spring Recruitment). Some colleges restrict membership to sophomores, juniors and seniors, and some allow freshmen to join from the beginning.


Each college/university has a Panhellenic group that manages the recruitment process. When you receive your college enrollment package, be sure to check out the Panhellenic recruitment process and requirements. Make sure you register at your campus if you plan to participate in recruitment.


Each NPC sorority has its own policy regarding references for potential new members. Some require recommendations, personal information for and/or letters of support from their alumnae members. Some do not require recommendations but do accept them. Your campus Panhellenic will guide you on what is required. A recommendation must come from a member of the sorority, family sorority members, friends, teachers, employers andchurch groups are great places to start.